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The best experience I’ve had with AI, it feels human.
Matthew Taylor
High school student
A dedicated tutor who motivates me to keep going.
Thais Lopes
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This can help my students immensely with their studies.
Paula Stobbe
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A Huge Upgrade on Flashcards

Train Jotverse on whatever you're studying in about 30 seconds.

Then watch it lead the conversation, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and direct the conversation to maximise learning.

Say Goodbye to Academic Anxiety

Jotverse is your private, non-judgemental learning companion. Ask questions, make mistakes, all while being supported.

Whether you're a night owl or early bird, Jotverse is always there for you.

Your All-in-One Study Assistant

Jotverse figures out what to ask you and when to ask you. And you can ask it anything.

No need to search for questions or explanations elsewhere.

Let Jotverse Keep Track for You

Jotverse automatically tracks your understanding and remembers your conversations, much like a human would.

So when you come back to study, it'll remember where you're at and what to focus on.

Built for Humans...

Power your curiosity and understanding through conversations with Jotverse. Learning Engineers

Jotverse uses cognitive science principles to make your learning efficient and effective.


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